Friday, August 04, 2006

My rhetoric question of the day

Why are Muslims around the world volunteering to murder JEWS? Pay attention to Malaysia, Indonesia, Iran, Pakistan and Egypt. Pay attention to Belgium, Australia, Baltimore and Seattle. Why in the name of "protest" are Jews outside of Israel being targeted for murder?

Why is the UN silent on this? Why are CNN, AP, and AFP? EU? Anyone? HELLO?!

It seems that for some reason Jews, not Israelis, even if they are citizens of any country other than Israel are fair game.

Seriously - is this 1939 or 1943?!

Did anyone volunteer somewhere to murder Arabs in protest to something? Did anyone volunteer to murder Muslims? When did murder become a valid type of a protest? It is high time the civilized world denounce the barbarism which has taken over humanity in the last couple of decades.

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