Tuesday, June 27, 2006

What I would do with Gaza – Put a siege

Time to let the blood thirsty population of Gaza get a taste from the stew they’ve been brewing.
Here are a few steps, not to be undone before a full surrender is given and all terrorists are disarmed:
  1. Stop electricity (for which the Israeli citizens pay)
  2. Stop all traffic in and out and through the sea.
  3. Stop any gas lines, and all water lines.
  4. Cut the phone lines
  5. Build a deep water tunnel between Egypt and Gaza. Continuously bomb around it to shake the ground and let all smuggler tunnels be crushed/flooded
  6. Arrest every affiliate of Hamas, every government member in the West bank
  7. Shoot at every palestinian who holds arms. On sunday a war was declared against Israel - it is time to shoot back.
Then - Just wait - no more then 4 days - it could all be over.
It is the humane thing to do. Anything less is a disgrace.

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