Monday, July 17, 2006

More wrong moves?

The world leaders, instead of putting pressure on Syria and Iran by sanctions, and possibly a military blockade, are contemplating puting Russian and French forces along the border between Israel and Lebanon.

I can only scream with fear that this is the sure formula to start a world war. Placing international forces against Israel while Israel is in war with terror groups can have no positive effect except placing Israel in a direct military conflict with France and Russia - Who is the Idiot that came up with this solution?!

Can you imagine? Israel will be forced into a cease fire with a terror group. The Russians and French are going to protect the terror activists - if not cooperate with them. On a whim, or an order by Iran - the terrorists will attack - forcing Israel to retaliate, puting Israel in war with Russia and France. This will no longer be a cold war - but the hottest one the world has ever seen. Russia was never in a direct military conflict with an ally of the US such as Israel. The consequences can be disastreas on a world wide scale.

Update: It seems idoacy knows no limits - Olmert thinks out loud, asking NATO to guard Hezbollah. Excuse me, I just swallowed a little bit of vomit.

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