Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Spoken Pope

They’re angry and violent again… for being told that being angry and violent is evil. The Muslims think it is within their rights to tell believers and leaders of other religions what to do and say. All the while they take constant and deliberate offense from being criticized. Catholics on the other hand are known to stand firm behind the leader of their religion and not bow to intimidations.

This is exactly the same situation as was with the Danish cartoons. The Islamists were looking for an excuse to prove to all non Muslims that Islam followers do behave violently.

A small note: When the Vatican expressed condemnations to terror acts it listed out exactly which instances it meant while deliberately ignoring violent acts against Jews in Israel. When the state of Israel protested the response was even harsher, the Vatican responded by saying: “neither you nor no one else has a right to tell the holly Pope what he should and should not say”. This incident caused great stress in the relations between Catholics and Jews, and between the Vatican and the state of Israel.

Perhaps all the hypocrites who say “the Pope should have said this”, “should have done that”, “should not have said”, “should have apologized more censure”, they should consider the catholic stance on the divinity of the Pope and respect the fact that for Catholics, the Pope is always right and others who might criticize are considered hostile and irrelevant.

Observing the two religions one fails to see resemblance. The Catholics who take offense from criticism of their Pope do not go to the streets to burn and murder. The Pope was criticized for speaking while the Muslims are criticized for doing true evil: Murdering in the name of god.

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