Sunday, September 24, 2006

France - the new army of Allah!?

Ooh I hate to be right on such disastruas developments. I said before that the French intrest in Lebanon dubios - it turns out to be much worse. They have protected Hizbollah leader Friday during a shamefull boasting of power by a terror group. The French and Israeli plane were almost in a state of war fare.

I WARNED AGAINST THIS! Who is the idiot who called upon world powers to defend terror groups and fight against Israel?! The current stage can be one of two things:

1. Either this is a sure visible precursor to World War III (Guess which side the French are on?)

2. The situation in Lebanon will somehow miraculasly pacify... Germany, France and Russia will not be dragged into a direct military conflict with Israel (in the name of Iranian oil)

Icky - Yacky situation....

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