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UK: Muslims throw shoes at prime minister's residence

Update: Guess what CNN didn't tell you? Bloody Riots in London... Pro-Hamas Protesters Attack Police At Israeli Embassy

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Forget the idiotic "who gives a flying fig" about "demonstration against Zionism" bla bla bla that is reported on CNN, the interesting things are in tiny details you find within the report:
London: Thousands protest Israeli airstrikes

As they marched to Trafalgar Square from the River Thames, many threw or left behind shoes at 10 Downing Street, the prime minister's residence.

Organizers had encouraged people to bring old shoes to show Prime Minister Gordon Brown their "disgust," in the spirit of Iraqi journalist Muntadhir Al-Zaidi, who hurled his shoes at President Bush two weeks ago while the American leader was in Baghdad.

"Gordon Brown, cloaking himself in Tony Blair's mantle, has joined with George Bush in stopping a unanimous call by the United Nations for Israel to stop bombing immediately," one organizer, "Stop the War Coalition," said on its Web site.


This is not a demonstration against Israel, it's against non-sharia government. Wake up and smell the coffee tea and biscuits.


Several speakers addressed the crowd: singer Annie Lennox, comedian Alexei Sayle, former London Mayor Ken Livingstone, and politician George Galloway.

Lennox said at a news conference Friday that television footage of the airstrikes in Gaza had disturbed her. "It shook me to the core," she said, according to a video posted on the BBC's Web site. "I was thinking as a mother, and as as a human being, how was this going to be the solution to peace?"

Following the two-hour rally in Trafalgar Square, a group of protesters decided to spontaneously march about 3 miles (4.8 kilometers) to the Israeli Embassy, where there have been protests all week.


Moonbats converge.
"Spontaneously" - creative reporting?

Police said the group, which chanted and demonstrated behind barricades outside the embassy, numbered about 2,000.

Some protesters tossed shoes at the police, police said, and one person was seen trying to jump a barricade before police intervened.

Police said no arrests had been made in either the rally in Trafalgar Square or outside the Israeli Embassy.

Several other demonstrations were planned for Saturday, including protests in Liverpool, Bristol, Leeds and Manchester.

Protests against the airstrikes have been going on all week, with people assembling outside the Israeli Embassy in London and, on Friday, they gathered outside the Egyptian Embassy in London. Egypt has been criticized for keeping its border with Gaza closed.

Other protests against the Israeli operation have taken place in Afghanistan and in Indonesia.

There's a shoe tossing trend here. Stinking shoe fetish mob. Putting London, Afghanistan and Indonesia in the same context... are you taking any pride here britz?

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