Thursday, January 01, 2009

Recovering from hang-over, Jan 1st Cast Lead headlines: Residential High-Rise hit in Ashdod, Tel-Aviv on absorbtion alert

A few champagne toasts, a day off from work - and I don't blog for whole day. Catching up: (Most titles where changed, but my changes reflect the content you would find)
Big stinking Hammas head fish becomes a bloody mist, along with 2 of his 4 wives
Gaza Arab Terrorist hit 8 story building in Ashdod - 9 wounded
Zippi Livny barely speaks English - it's embarrassing (I agree)
High alert as riots predicted towards traditional Friday rage against the Jews gatherings around mosques
Friday Muslim Prays - Israeli Police in High Alert
No tears for Hammas Leader in Ramallah
Times Online: Hamas Terrorists Are the Good Guys
Video: Palestinian Cleric Says the Koran Sentences the Jews to Extermination....
Tel Aviv residents told to prepare bomb shelters

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