Monday, April 30, 2007

Insane racist protestors hiding behind their signs while screaming through megaphones at children.

Yesterday I went with my family to a celebration of Israel's Independence Day at EMU. It was nothing more than a local Jewish community event. There were no advertisement in the papers, any huge crowds, and definitely no political statements. It was a bunch of families indoors with dancing and music.

As we parked the car, I noticed a bunch of weirdoes waving Arab flags standing at the entrance. I knew that the crazies were protesting last year at the Jewish Community Center, so I suspected they might be at EMU this year. There were about five of them. They carried insane racist signs such as “Zionist lobby inside”. That’s right a bunch of children are the Zionist lobby.

As I walked with my two young daughters into the building, a woman covered in disguise was shouting at us with a megaphone “How many babies did you murder today” and “Why aren’t you wearing your white sheets”. I walked by, didn’t look at her nor talked back. Two laid back college police stood at the door and looked at the scene with bored faces. My wife took pictures, and I’ll post them on later today. While taking pictures, some of the protesters hid behind their signs. Cowards and racists? Wow. When my wife went in they yelled at her personally: "KILLERS ZIONIST CAN U SAY HOW MANY CHILDREN U KILLED TODAY".

To contrast the insanity of the racist fives outside, inside you found drawings made by little children of peace doves and peace signs. That’s right – the left’s most beloved symbol of actual hatred (of America, of Israel, of the troops) – peace symbols. There was music, dancing, food, and artsy activity stations for the kids. At some point a state senator was mentioned and a local councilman who were part of the community. All in all, just a laid back calm event.

It was only symbolic to find within an exhibit of photographs inside the event a photo of an exodus boat being deported by the British in 1947 from Israel to Cypress. It gave us a chance to connect everything for our daughters. How crazies in Europe just like the ones greeting us outside were carrying signs of “Youdens Ous” at our grandparents. And when they survived the Holocaust as orphan children they were shuffled around the world, and deported to Cyprus where my Dad was born. For the new-Nazis, the lefties and Jihadists, it doesn’t matter where a Jew lives. Even if we don’t live in Israel – they still do their best to traumatize our children. In Israel they mortar shell the civilian houses, and here they scream murderers at children.

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Racists At EMU

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