Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Figuring out Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria and Iran's strategy to initiate this war.

First, let's be clear - despite the way the main stream media describes the current round of mutual blows, this "war" was started by Hamas - given orders from Hezbollah - given directions from Syria and Iran. Hamas armed them selves for months (and years) and a week prior to Israel's retaliation fired their rockets at Israelis. So the first and simplest question to be answered: Who initiated this war? The terror groups and the terror sponsoring states.

Second, a logical and naive viewer would ask himself why would those who aspire to lead the Arab world take a course which undoubtedly lead to misery and defeat for Arabs in Gaza?

There are many reasons, I'll try to list them in order of strategic importance to those terrorists who instigate the situation:
  1. Maintain an edgy and hateful relationship between Arabs and Muslims and Jews. The Palestinians are a cheap sacrifice which allows propaganda and recruitment to the global Jihad against the Jews and other non-Muslims. Palestinian are so insanely hateful they cannot manage to view their own best interest.
  2. Kill Jews, regardless of how many Muslims die in the process.
  3. Shift focus from Iran and Syria's nuclear bomb ambitions
  4. Shift focus by Arab and Persian from population's general misery in this life. Poverty, tribal backwardness and corruption are a result of both the regime's disregard for human life as well as cultural impotence. (pun intended)
  5. Maintain political power and extend territorial control by terrorists in area of conflict by slowly eroding the resolve of those who oppose them. In particular - in places like Egypt and Lebanon. I know you thought I was going to write "conquer land from Israel" - no there is no goal to push Israel inwards or outwards. Israel is considered by them as an illegitimate passing thing which really "doesn't exist", that's why they disregard Israeli law when they are given full citizenship rights. The only battle is with the Arab world. Israel's own political stupidity is to withdraw in anticipation of any gratitude.
  6. Establish enclaves of unshaken control from which to instigate next expansion by newly renamed radical groups. Hamas is simply a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood - which have many subsidiaries including Al-Qaeda. Many of Israel's Arabs are overt supporters of the "Muslim Brotherhood". To be short in my description of what it is, I would just mention that "Muslim Brotherhood" to Arabs is what "Nazi Party" was to Germans.
  7. Chaos and defeat will bring the Shiite messiah (the mahadi) sooner. Yes - that's their level of insanity. Sunni Arabs of Gaza are just pawns and they refuse to acknowledge it.
  8. Continuing suffering and inability to support own economy in any means continues to excuse the "Palestinian welfare state" funded and supported with European and American tax payers funds flowing through the UN. One needs not do any kind of work to survive in those areas. You - the English speaking westerner - are paying a salary to every terrorist in Gaza. You feed and nurture those who envision world domination from their derelict, destitute buckets of shit they call a home.
  9. Lest we forget the stated goal: "Justice" for Palestinians. "Justice" for Arabs. I doubt this is in any way a strategic goal of Hamas/Hezbollah/Syria/Iran
A note about Syria (or - a "did you know" moment):
The Syrian regime is controlled by a tiny minority called "Alawi". Who - while considering themselves Muslims - are actually a cult which worships the sun and the moon. In this world of Muslim domination ambitions, a regime of obvious "heretics" is a major player in instigation against so called western decadence.


  1. I think that the attack by planes on Gaza is probably counter productive. It supplies Hamas with a great propaganda opertunity and at best will only cause a temp stoppage of their missle attacks. I believe that killing their leadership would be more productive. If the leadership cannot be located,then picking up their family members and holding them for Hamas future good behaviour would accomplish more then massive air power. If they still continue missile attacks then the family members could either be executed or maimed in some way. When the Soviets in Leb had one of their deplomats snatched, they kidnapped one of the gangs close relatives and sent back some of his digits with a note that unless the person was released more was to follow. The person who was kidnapped was released and the Soviets had no more problems with kidnapping of their people. I think a similar policy by the Isreali govt might also work. At least its worth a try.

  2. Anonymous6:26 AM

    when are they going to stop this senseless war. Both Isreal and Hamas are guilty of murder.

  3. azra - you're either a victim of propaganda, or a pacifist (or Fatah supporter, 3rd limb to this conflict). What are the people of Israel supposed to do?

    They've left the Gaza Strip and were bombarded daily since. The government held back for 3 years - which means they let the civilian population absorb and be traumatized.

    If you are a pacifist and think that this is a fine situation to raise children at, then I think you should better move to Sderot - be bombarded for a few days and then perhaps you would change your world view.