Friday, August 31, 2007

More Israeli Labor party follies

Having an insane Minister of education is not enough, how about a member of parliament taking part in a convention organized by the UN's "Palestine" comity and hosted by the EU. I bet that MP Nadia Helu didn't even attend - just took the trip to Europe on taxpayer's expense.

She claimed she "did notice it was unbalanced". Unbalanced? It's an annual carnival of Israel bashing which has only one goal - to de-legitimize Israel in the international arena.

What does it take to become a top politician in that party? Obviously lack of shame is a requirement but how about personal depravity? It's a known theme in Israeli politics that to become a Parliament member politicians often "grease" the party voters with political jobs and outright bribes. The Labor party of Israel in particular is famed for "securing seats" to "minorities". Keywords for a "winner take all" technique in which the very top of the party places his nominees on certain positions on the list of potential PM-s.

I have no idea who PM Helu is - first time I've heard of her is in today's post in an online news website, but I'm staring at her picture right now with disgust. Is she really stupid? Is she cynical or simply another insane person bent on destroying the country that pays her salary and defends her children and family?

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