Monday, July 02, 2007

Mastermind of 2nd ShawarmaMayor slaughter sentenced

Today, the mastermind of the second homicide bombing on Shawarma-Mayor was sentenced. Hope he dies of AIDS too like his idol Arafat. For some reason, his "political" association is missing from today's reports. Initially he was attributed to Islamic Jihad but no mention of that in today's articles. I add that to another article explaining how yesterday in Jenin, IDF soldiers had killed 2 armed terrorists who were loosely affiliated with both Fatah and Islamic Jihad. Fatah as we now know is the terror group financed by both Israel the US, while Islamic Jihad is financed by Iran. However, they both seem to be strolling the streets hand in hand. In a more serious note: they accept your money - but get directions from Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Which brings me back to the sentencing today. The mastermind of the terror act was first affiliated with Islamic Jihad, but was also affiliated with Fatah - that is - he got his money from the Palestinian Authority/ Israel / US - and he is a prime candidate for future releases of terrorists in the name "Peace".

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