Thursday, September 27, 2007

Are today's conservative liberals? Where does that place today's "liberals"?

Consider that today's conservatives stand for human rights and justice in the world arena and liberals fall in love with Ahmedinajad, wouldn't you agree that today's conservatives are much more liberals than today's liberal?

The plot thickens, conservatives now stand for racial equality by removing affirmative action while liberals march to free black criminals in Louisiana. Conservatives stand for freedom of speech on campuses and a broader exchange of ideas while liberals call for limitations on "islamophobic speech" as a hate crime. Seeking to limit one's right to talk about Islam and Muhammad is the most non-liberal thing to do.

Conservatives seek to protect women's rights in the middle east, liberals seek to maintain status quo as "our culture is depraved while their's is noble". Besides, "who are we the imperialists to tell the oppressed how they should behave..."

Conservatives seek to protect Jews from anti-semites and raven Nazi and Muslim lunatics. Liberals fight for Nazi and Muslim right to march in Jewish neighborhoods and raise money to bomb Jews abroad.

What is a liberal today? How do you call overt anti-semitism mixed with a fondness to limits of speech? How do you call support for expansionist dictators? Today's left is a mixture of revolutionary, anarchist, Nazi and Jihadi, anti patriotic, anti troops, anti law enforcement, anti white, anti justice, liars. It never ceases to amaze me the capacity of excuses lefties come up with to justify each other's perversion of ideas. If only they stood up and said about one thing - this is inexcusable, we do not stand for that. Can't hope for much, can we?

Was I too harsh here?

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