Monday, December 10, 2007

A clear explanation why terrorists can't be convicted by a Jury of 12 "peers"

It seems that one out of 12 always turns out to be a mentally challenged sympathizer. (Originally got the link from LGF)

From the article:

So, to Neal, what is Hamas?

"It is marked as a terrorist organization. My personal viewpoint, I didn't know too much before. I see it as a political struggle. Our country was founded on a terrorist act. The Boston Tea Party wasn't a tea party, dude. It was a rebellion against the king's wrath. They fought back against an oppressive government."

Yes dude - a political murder of children at a pizzeria, dude... like... so what dude? They're only Jewish dude so STFU dude... no need for evidence... dude... It's the Neal the dude show - not a Jury deliberation - dude. Dude's an asshole - dude.

Bullying and cursing in the deliberation room - now that's a fair trial won't you say?

More from this fraud inducing creep:

"My answers [to the questionnaire] looked like I was a pro-American, you know, flag-waving American. I mean, I am, but..."

NEAL, Dude! You're not - if you start any statement saying something like that. It means you keep lying about who you are... Basically - you are in your own words a hater of America and would gladly burn a flag or two. ASSHOLE!

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