Friday, August 24, 2007

It's the "embrace Islam" week on CNN and PBS

I deliberately chose not to watch CNN's anti western, Jewish and Christian propaganda piece. As I read through the blogs of those who did watch, I think I spared myself a good chunk of grief. Question: Why should a news station take it upon itself to build bridges to Islam while vilifying Judaism and Christianity? I would shed no tears when Amanpour returns to her homeland for good and deals with her "rights" and "freedom" there.

A few noticed another piece of propaganda on PBS this week. Mainly because no one watches them but also because it is the norm there. They broadcasted a fake "history" piece about the harmony between Jews, Christians and Muslim under Muslim rule in Spain. Painting the Dhimmi status in bright colors and downplaying its horrors - just pay your discriminatory Jizya tax, let them kidnap your children and build mosques on top of your places of worship. Harmony indeed. Muslim butchers are described as legendary liberators and local Visigoth kings are described as tyrants whose rule must be ended. "And the Jews rejoiced". I watched for 22 minutes, after which I put on some classic music and meditated to wash the filth away. PBS - always first to promote lies in support of Muslim rule.

Debbie Schlussel - who is a must read on a daily basis - referred readers to this blog post. It is very strongly worded - but I strongly recommend it as well.

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