Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The new Dreyfus affair? Pace yourself

How can the situation with the Koran desecration trial be labeled mildly when it is only a Jew that is singled out for a "hate crime" - in a place where there were numerous actual hate crimes against Jews that were not prosecuted nor investigated. The new antisemitism raises it's ugly face in Manhattan of all places.

Just a quick reminder, the head of the Islamic Jihad could not be convicted by a jury in Florida despite the fact that a recording of him calling for the murder of Jews was presented. Will a jury in NYC convict a Jew and send him to jail for something that stupid? So murdering Jews is OK - but touching the book that calls for the genocide of Jews is not?

Also, what if he had dunked the Mein Kampf - would that be a hate crime against Nazis? What if it were a picture of Hitler? What if our new Dreyfus would have been physically abused by said "victims" of this hate crime before it happened?

Now let's think about congregations of Islamists in Universities (ISM) were it was recorded that Jews were physically threatened and harmed for being Jewish. Nowhere did I hear of any prosecution of a hate crime - not even aggravated assault. It's open season on Jewish students - YEEEE HAAAAA!!!!!

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