Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanks Bush. I was almost worried.

Now that I understand what a magnificent false show this conference was - And now that we saw two middle eastern scared and incompetent "leaders" read "peaceful statements", now that we can see how everyone is committed to absolutely nothing but rhetoric - I think it is safe to conclude this was nothing but a dog and pony show to say, "hey, we tried... never mind."

Frail and ailing holocaust denier Mahmood Abbas is counting the seconds to his downfall... I'll follow Ariel Sharon's ideas on issues like this - it's better he and his mafia gang Fatah loose to a genocide hungry Hamas. At least Hamas sucks at Taqiya (deception) and doesn't have any former communist supporters to cheer them. The only reason Fatah still enjoys a "diplomatic" statue is due to their former communists ties. I say: Down with communism first, then down with Jihadism.

Hammas to the Arabs is like that weird dude with black suit and sunglasses to the Matrix - a virus to consume their world and bring darkness on all.

Exit question: Didn't this "peace conference" bring the next middle eastern war a few steps closer?

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