Thursday, May 10, 2007

How Iraq was lost

A few dumb moves can turn any swift victory, such as the overthrow of Saddam and his capture, into a political and tactical no end street:

1. Everyone acknowledges now that there weren’t enough troops at the first weeks to secure the streets.
2. A rush to transfer authority back to Iraqis (with some constitutional experiments along the way)
3. Allowing “Sharia” to be declared as the constitution. Allowing a “freed” country to suppress non-Muslim minorities.
4. A rush to rebuild Iraq on the US’s expense
5. Handing over cities to Sunny leaders – who turn out to be Al-Qaeda
6. Allowing free press in a hostile land – which provides now several enemy sponsored propaganda outlets.
7. Not securing the borders, not punishing Iraq’s neighbors from the very start for their support of insurgency. Yes – since Syria and Iran intervened they should have been invaded.
8. Holding Elections which allow terrorist supporters and Iranian agents to be elected.
9. Not intervening to cancel the elections once Anti-America, pro-Iranians won the elections. Not doing much after the Iranian agent prime minister spits in your face.
10. Not taking sides, not punishing, and not separating between Shiites and Sunnis.
11. Not protecting Christians.
12. Continuing to pay the bill.
13. Coming up with useless stupid slogans such as “stay the course”.

No I’m not a defeatist liberal. I’m stating the obvious. The troops are there to battle Al-Qaeda, which is there, and they should continue to do so. It is the silk glove treatment that was given to Arabs in Iraq, Syria, and the Persian Shiites of Iran that lead everyone to the current disaster.

The USA is blamed for “Occupation”. Why not impose occupation then? Why not impose a friendly government? You can’t be “half pregnant” – you can’t be “half occupier”. The battle to remove Saddam was a victory – it was the policy of “spreading freedom” that failed. The Arab Muslims have proven the world they do not deserve freedom and self rule because they support terror – on themselves as well as on anyone else.

Let it be clear, the US is involved in Iraq to protect America from Al-Qaeda - not to help the Iraqis. With all due respect (and non exists there) - Iraqis cheer for murderers and hate the US.

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