Monday, September 10, 2007

Boob culture. Some MTV anyone? No thanks.

I watch too much TV.

You may stop reading here... Really.

I flipped between the channels yesterday and stopped on MTV for a few seconds. I believe it was the 13th minutes of the music awards I peeped into. Everything seemed stupid and all participants seemed uncomfortable. I switched and watched a really funny show on FUSE instead. Not always a fan of FUSE either - but "Whitest Kids u'know" was too funny to pass. I believe that I also switched the channel as soon as Konye started singing - this nation of Islam icon is too much for my taste. No need to waste my time on racists such as him.

I've read some headlines about the Britney thing on MTV so I watched it online... First and foremost I was disgusted by the "stripper" theme and the pole dancers at each table. That's entertainment for people who wish to consume music? For kids? MTV has been a trash bin for a while and that specific presentation I guess was no exception to the "Real World" culture they try to impose. Everyone's a pimp, drug dealer, whore or stripper right? Is it symbolic now that Britney is a "single mom" that she performs as a stripper too? Not that she hadn't stripped for free before without the public's real interest.

That doesn't excuse the gloating from TMZ, labeling her as "The fat lady has sung". Focusing on the measurements of her body instead of her ridiculous antics is a symptom of a culture obsessed with expectations from women to remain childish and as teens forever. Is it the expectation to still be a schoolgirl from the media that drives her obvious insanity? The sooner this woman grows up the better for her. Nothing's wrong with keeping your clothes on every now and then... be a mom to your kids already.

And then I followed to this link. Well - what can I say? She sucked on her "stripper" show on MTV because she was laughed at for being a crappy Mom? Maybe a few more live jokes on her on stage can slap her back into reality. (Don't keep your fingers crossed)

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