Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Why do the French hate their elected president so?

Or do they? Perhaps it is just the media that is spreading vicious rumors and blames him for being "a mossad agent". While previously the French media yawned and simply did not report of their own politicians personal lives, their mistresses, their wives, their overt corruption - it is on the attack when it comes to Nicolas Sarkozy. Why? Isn't it obvious?

The current elites at the helms of the media at France are remnants of the Chirac era. Now that their beloved adulterer and panderer to Arabs is under several corruption investigations, now that Sarkozy is aligning with the US and with Israel against the Jihadis and against Iran - now they reveal their claws and fangs. I'm just waiting for them to begin using slurs while they report - not to mention racial ones.

As requested, here are a few links I managed to harvest in a half an hour:
Rumors of Sarkozy being a Mossad agent - this has been maliciously redistributed by Iranian news sources over the last month and several anti-Semite blogs have picked on to this story and further developed it in their imagination...

For the scandalous coverage of the Sarkozy couple problem, it is plastered over the front pages of French and Swiss news papers, in particular: Le Parisian.

Israeli news paper Maariv - their online version and their reported Or Heler have been "reporting" (translating/plagiarizing) directly from the Parisian papers for months:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

All of the Maariv articles are reporting from the news papers in France in Hebrew. All of which show unprecedented invasion of privacy in the French politics. It is only ironic (moronic too) that 60 minutes stooped to the same level of questions.


  1. Do you have any links (in English) re this phenomenon in the French press?

    One would think they'd like Sarkozy's bold approach re the Bulgarian nurses held captive in Libya.

  2. I'll try to collect some, I based my post here on generic coverage - not specific. The fact is that the Media there has been all over the Sarkozi couple - unlike their treatment of prior personal affairs of French politicians, which I think is a pretty significant thing. I'll try to dig up some English or translated pages though.

  3. Thanks.

    It's work digging up sources. There are people who can help us translate, but unfortunately I don't a volunteer for France. Thus I'm dependent on English speaking points of view.