Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The day the rest of us began to realize what Islam is all about

It would be an understatement to say that the day before so many of us were naive. I believe the majority of people out there thought that the current state of affairs in Israel and the terror attacks on US embassies was a passing thing, but that peace was an achievable goal with the majority of peace loving Muslims. Bridges could be built, dialogs could be established.

But have we all awakened? Look around you and you could easily identify many who are still under the impression that the war on terror could be ended with a concession here and there, pandering to Muslims here, peace in Israel and lots of funds to third world countries - because it's all about poverty and the ills of capitalism.

While I would have hoped for more to open their eyes to reality, it does seem that most prescribe to the naive realm. Those are the mainstream zombies of the western world - still asleep or in denial. At the extreme left of course there are nut-bags and deliberate liars hoping to create chaos and produce anarchy. All of whom are sympathizers and cheer leaders for the Jihad in hopes of bringing an end to western civilization in the false hope of bringing a utopia thereafter.

9/11 is the unofficial "Islam is Murder" day. You might not accept it - but you think it. Today - too many have died for the glory of the religion of butchery. One should think hard today about the ramifications of political correctness and self censorship. "If words can kill"... well - staying silent, in my view, is what has brought this disaster. I hope that year after year the self righteousness of hypocrites and PC guards would erode until finally at some point in the future an honest discourse would prevail when it comes to Islam and Jihad and the role of American Muslims in this society.

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