Thursday, June 14, 2007

Nazi Micky Mouse murders its prisoner of war /brothers

The Hamas occupation of the Gaza strip brings with it some of the most disgusting displays of Barbarism including murdering prisoners of war in the streets. Those people - who surrendered - who are their Arab brothers - who are Muslims - are paraded and murdered while they are helpless. Now let's see what do the Arabs prefer: Israel's 'occupation' or their own self inflicted barbarism.

Rumors surrounding what they intend to do with their captured brothers suggest they might build concentration camps on the ruins of the Jewish settlements.

Now let's hear the bleeding hearts from the left proclaim that Hamas won a "legitimate democratic election" (tm). These are exactly the same "democratic" moves the Nazis took when they seized control in the 1930-s.

It would appear that the abduction of the Israeli soldier last year was a move intended to cause the Israeli government to second guess itself and hesitate to take any step while Hamas takes over and bombards Israeli towns.

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