Tuesday, July 17, 2007

"Let's boost up the moderates in PA" - by granting amnesty to murderers of school children

Even if Israel would have allowed Naif Hawatme to enter for only 3 weeks and not permanently , it is still the utmost betrayal in the trust of the Jewish people in the government of Israel and the puppetiring of Condolisa Rice.

The man should have been taken out years ago - regardless of where he resides. The mastermind, financier and leader of a group which slaughtered the children at the school in Ma'alot is the lowliest of animals - canine species are far superior to him and calling him a dog is demeaning to the best friend of mankind.

The theater of absurd that is taking place these days in Israel is too disgusting and self destructive to devote a second of thought to. YOU DO NOT MAKE PEACE WITH TERRORIST - OSLO WAS JUST THE WARNING SHOT! CUT THE CRAP!

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