Monday, July 23, 2007

The price of good will to Arabs

Last week Israel released 256 terrorists, pardoned "most wanted" terrorists and assured their safety and allowed a small army of terrorists to enter from Jordan. All of these steps were a reaction to the defeat of one terror group to another in Gaza. Peace in our time? Think again.

As a well anticipated thank you, the Palestinian Authority is actively pursuing a new venue to harass Israelis - They have sent letters demanding the world's soccer union to boycott and punish Israel for "deliberately destroying Palestinian soccer".

Meanwhile - the enemies of Israel within the government have decided they want to breed the next terrorists from within the citizens and teach Arab children within the Israeli school system that Israel is a "catastrophe". Yes - 60 years of prosperity for Israeli Arabs and freedom - far beyond freedoms enjoyed in the Arab world - is apparently a catastrophe.

I'm sure of only one thing - the real catastrophe is the current government there.

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