Monday, December 03, 2007

Liberal sperm donor Dad to pay support - what a tool

Sperm Donor Ordered to Pay Child Support for 18-Year-Old

First - the idiot thought a lesbian couple are just the right setting to raise his offspring. Next - he let the poor child keep hopes alive that he has a Dad that cares for him. Then - he was surprised to find out you can't be "Half a Dad". Serves him right! The lesbians got his sperm and his money.

Giving anonymous sperm donation to normal couples who can't conceive is one thing, but abandoning a child in a backwards environment and giving him false hope of a fatherly connection is another. My point is - since he had contact with the kid, he should have shown some responsibility.

Let this be a lesson to those who believe there's nothing wrong with lesbian couples bringing up children. It appears to always be about one's own comfort. When it suits them - a dad is not an important part of the equation - but when they want money, they'll sue your liberal ass for every penny you got.

BTW - is this a lesbian revenge for letting the boy know he has a dad (and was not immaculately conceived)?

Check this out:
"Nassau County Family Court judge Ellen Greenberg ruled Nov. 16 against a paternity test, saying it would have a traumatic effect on the child."

Now the court seems to care about trauma... Having this thing being dragged through the court by the Mom - not an issue.

Here's another gem:
"But earlier this year, a Pennsylvania judge held a sperm donor liable for support, noting he had spent thousands of dollars on toys and clothing for two children that he helped a lesbian couple conceive."

Turns out the courts acknowledge that stupid liberals who help lesbians conceive are libel.

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