Thursday, June 07, 2007

Former Head of Jewish Agency and Israeli Minister to pull a Carter

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This fake Jew holds a French passport and generally recommends Israel be dismembered and the Jews to leave. For years he's been walking with a Yarmulke while claiming he doesn't belong in any religious framework. This case is similar to the case of Azmy Bishara in the sense that he quit the parliament unexpectedly and without explanation during his tenure. I suspected back then that he was caught with bribes and was extorted to quit. I can't really guess what causes a man to do such a thing - but now that he pulled a Carter, I call for whoever can to investigate his finance. Is it possible that the Saudis bought the former head of the Jewish Agency? The agency whose only concern is to cause Jews to immigrate to Israel?

Carter, Bishara and Burg - tools (literaly) in the chess game played by Ahmedinajad.

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