Monday, July 23, 2007

Anti-Semite vs. “Islamophobe”

The newly invented keyword is off handed into the air these days to discredit critics of said “religious of peace” and its members. “Islamophobia” as it is attributed to some requires a close look so that the ideas behind those who are in fact “Anti-Semites” and those who are smeared as “Islamophobes” can be properly understood, distinguished and disassociated.

I will start with the better known creature – for historical reasons – the Anti-Semite. The following can be identified in Anti-Semitic speech:

1. Jews are behind all evils
2. Jews stole everybody’s money / own too much money / influence through their money
3. Jews are taking over/controlling the government/ controlling the media
4. Jews ought to die – all of them. If one dies – no problem, if one kills – major outrage.
5. There is no lie outrageous enough that would disqualify it from being told as truth when it comes to Jews
6. Israel/ Zionism/ Jews are true Nazis – the Nazis did not commit any real genocide – it is a shame the Nazis did not finish the job.

An objective thinker could easily observe the illogic and actual evil of the 6 blatant symptoms of Anti-Semitic speech. It is evil because it is based on lies and the end goal of such speech is genocidal in nature.

How would you identify speech by a person smeared with “Islamophobia”?

I. He mentions some Muslims in a negative manner or a narrative which conflicts with apologists of Muslim violence.
II. He objects to beheading, forced conversions, rape, murder and indoctrination in the name of Islam
III. He objects to preferential treatment to Muslims and Islam
IV. He justifies self defense from Jihad
V. He discusses Jihad, Suna, and the Quran while not being Muslim
VI. Reports about Anti-Semitism spewed by Muslims.

Are these in anyway expressions of hate? Are lies being told? Is there a desire to see bloodshed when someone speaks in what is described as “Islamophobic” way?

To illuminate how so called “Islamohpobes” do not do so to spread hate I observe the reports made by so called “Islamophobes” and compare them one to one with the symptoms of Anti-Semitic speech:

1. Some Muslims do perform evil such as the genocide in Darfur. (and others)
2. There are Muslims who do have a lot of money possessed through oil. The Saudis use petro-dollars to buy influence which is a recorded and proven fact when it comes to AP, Reuters, American Colleges, and Bribes to EU.
3. There is major Muslim oriented control over western media as could be seen with regards to reporting of the 2006 Hezbollah war with Israel. There is much tainted coverage which is documented by online websites (LGF and others).
4. Sorry – no one says all Muslims or Arabs should die – no genocide in anyone's vision! People do point out they should stop suicide bombers, stop bombarding civilians and do call for harsh measures against such barbarity – which to some sound like incitement to kill “Muslims”. No – kill terrorists! That is said over and over with every possible justification – if a person, Muslim or not, tries to kill you, disable him first.
5. So called “Islamophobes” refer the readers to the source be it the Quran or major news outlet. These are not occasions of “Cherry Picking” or making a small group of “mislead” be seen as the majority because polls continuously show that a scary majority of Muslims do practice and believe in Jihad. So when it comes to lies it those who deny the violence inherent in Islam that do so.
6. I am not making this up – Arabs and Muslims are VERY sympathetic to Nazis and neo-Nazis are very sympathetic to Palestinian Terror. Don’t believe? Google it. It is fascinating how Arab Muslims can associate the Nazi symbols with evil as they attribute it to Jews while still be so charmed by it. “Protocols of Zion” and “Mein Kampf” are big hits in the Arab world, yet Jewish symbols are mixed with Nazi ones when it comes to caricatures and op-eds .

To the point, the major differences between “Islamophobia” and “Anti-Semitism” in my view are:

A. Anti-Semitism is based on lies, smearing someone as “Islamophobe” is an attempt to silence an inconvenient truth.
B. The end goal of Anti-Semitism is Genocidal. So called “Islamophobes” are reacting to physical acts of aggression and seek nothing but a cessation of such violence.
C. Anti-Semites often smile when they talk about dead Jews or killing a Jew, no such emotion is expressed when Arabs die. There is only a sense of relief when a murderous terrorist is caught or dies in the effort catch him.

One last thing... How many "Islamophobes" went on a rampage to damage Muslim cemeteries and to butcher in a local helpless community of Muslims? Can the same be said for Anti-Semites?

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