Friday, August 31, 2007

Precursors to chaos

1. Mubarak has disappeared for several weeks.
2. French PM warns Iran from impending American attacks
3. Iraq signs oil deals with Syria and Iran behind the US’s back
4. Musharaf commits to stepping down
5. Both Saudi Arabia and Israel receive massive boosts to Military aid from the US
6. Tensions in Lebanon rise and the political system heads towards clashes when the Syrian puppet president steps down in a month.
7. Syria is being rearmed by Russia with Iranian funds and redeploys troops in an aggressive alignment while threatening Israel with “legitimate acts of resistance”. (You know what that means: murder and terror)

And those items are only from the main stream news sites. Needless to say that on the fringe, where credibility is always questionable, Lebanon is marked as an extreme pressure point that might take down the entire Middle East – while the US is stepping up to possibly intervene. (Do you trust “debka-file”?)

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