Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Palestinian Shame Comes to light

Who could've guessed it right? That the mass murdering lying maniac whom the Arabs of Israel idolized as a leader of a liberation group - liberating a made up nation of "Palestinians" - would turn out to have died of AIDS? Well MANY MANY DID! I did! And now Ahmed Jibril - his comrade and rival - reveals the truth.

Those rumors about his cause of death have more details than just the cause. If anyone would be willing to tell - we might learn if he was gay and had sexual relations with his body guards and Romanian male prostitutes, if he was a Pedophile who raped children in Lebanon - if he was a communist KGB agent working for the Egyptian Intelligence. We have much more to learn... These are all rumors denied over the years but worth looking into again.

Now that we know what he died of - might we raise a loud voice to inquire how he got it? How come his wife didn't get it? How come she left him as soon as her daughter was born? Why will she and her daughter not return and why is she still being paid by French and Arab sources to keep silent?

As to the murderous derelict Arabs who call themselves Palestinians and continue to excuse slaughter in the name of phony liberation - As to the millions of Anti Semite Lefty Loons who support them - it is high time to take a hard long look in the mirror. I'm not building my hopes up for those who for years chose to ignore basic logic, basic human compassion, facts and history, and have rejoiced in the death and mayhem that they have let perpetuate.

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