Monday, December 17, 2007

The good the bad and the ugly (muslim)

Hey dude - wanna convert to this cool religion - Isla... Is... Islam?!

The good:
Clear minded people cannot help but notice the intolerance and how incompatible Islam is with western values.

The bad:
1. The show's narrator obviously tries to put the Muslims in good light whereas the non Muslims are just a bunch of ignoramuses. See his snickering remarks whenever the freedom loving, concerned about Sharia and Jihad, cab driver speaks. "Despite what he was told, he still believes Muslims wish to impose Sharia"... Funny - I heard nothing but acknowledgment of the fact.

2. The show is directed and edited in the same manner "regular" reality shows in Britain are - this feels like a bad episode of "big brother". The participants - as courageous as they are to oppose the nonsense to which they are subject, are not very intelligent, and frankly quite gullible to participate in this mockery of England.

The ugly:
Why not in reverse? Why not force Muslims in the west or even at Islamic countries to live their lives as: Christians, Jews, Homosexuals, Atheists, Strippers, Satanists, Mormons? Why not make simple English People try out other religions? Hinduism perhaps?

Want some sincerity? Check out HBO/BBC's "Extras" Christmas special
A quote: "I've gotta be honest with you here.. .. up this street they've gone a bit Arabic, sorry about that. Nothing I can do... on the bright side, this is a great place to find Halal meat.... Actually, you can see it from this window here."

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