Monday, December 03, 2007

Refugees – about the absolute backwardness of our world

While peace conferences and political forums discuss what is to be done with Arabs who call themselves refugees from a war that happened 60 years ago, they all fail to recognize a basic and painful fact. Arabs were never expelled from Israel. No one carried them on trucks and transported them. But guess what? A high percentage of the Jews who arrived to Israel between 1880 and 1980 WERE refugees. Who took care of them? Who paid for their suffering? Should Russia and the Ukraine pay now for the suffering of the Pogroms? Should today’s Poland pay for the massacres and expulsion of Holocaust survivors? Isn’t it time the Arab world pay for the expulsion and riots against Jews they have committed from the 1930-s to 1960-s?

Arabs would rather forget that small inconvenient item, they rioted against the Jews and forcefully ejected the Jewish population, in some cases - prior to the establishment of Israel.

If Jews in Israel were to treat the Arabs in Israel (including Gaza, Judea and Sumeria, including Jerusalem) the way the world continues to treat Jews – there would be no Arabs in Israel. Who is the victim here?

Those who weep for Arab refugees and pay for their meal while they murder Jews in Israel are acting on behalf of anti-semitic Racists. Some are only deluding themselves if they think they are not anti-Semites by such actions. The UN is acting on behalf of murderous racists and the peace "process" is a sham of perpetual injustice.

Only in our backwards world can the word "Peace" mean "Murder Jews". Only in a "Peace Conferences" can segregation against Jews sound like a good idea. If ethnic cleansing by means of expelling Jews from Judea and Sumeria is such a good idea and will create "peace", then why not the other way around? Now - I'm not promoting such ridiculous ideas as expelling human beings from their homes, even if they are Murderous Arab Muslims. But I'm just pointing out to the extreme hypocrisy that is presented by these "peaceful negotiators".

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