Sunday, November 25, 2007

Again, barbaric Arab Muslim gang rape Jewish teen in Israel

from Haaretz.

Add that to several other incidents a year in Israel, some incidents in France, Denmark, Sweden, Pakistan (against Christians of course), Egypt (against Christians of course)... can you see the pattern? Is it bigotry to point out the behavior repeatedly exhibited by these animals?

One more note: When one person rapes, it could be attributed to a personal disorder - a freak who could not conform to society's civil rules. When incidents happen within teen communities - it can be associated with teens' general confusion of borders and decency. All of these are disgusting and should be properly punished. But here is yet another case of a gang rape by young men from a community against members of another. One cannot help but find something more to it. Is it the Muslim culture that breeds such savagery?

How about yelling at the poor girls stinking Jews? It seems that more than just fulfilling their primitive animal desires they were perusing some sort of revenge against Jews on the bodies of young teenage girls. Is this what their religion justify? It would seem so - as these incidents have been repeated worldwide by the same ambassadors of the Religion of Peace.

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