Monday, September 24, 2007

Dilbert - a moonbat.

I'm boycotting Dilbert and there's nothing in the world which could change my mind. I guess that for Scott Adams, to become rich from drawing cartoons is a good enough excuse to encourage Ahmedinajad and suicide bombers against Israelis - because the poor Palestinians are "kept poor". I'm not sure which is more offending - the belittling of the Holocaust or the disingenuous clarifications which at the same time claimed to "not hate Israel" yet cheer for terrorists. Screw Scott Adams and his alter ego - Dilbert, he is off my office wall, off my calender and the one book I do have is going to the basement.

Adams writes: "Still, the bulk of my sympathies are with whatever group suffers the most, regardless of how much of the problem is their own damned fault. To feel otherwise would be inhuman. Sometimes it feels as if the Palestinians are only one Gandhi away from fixing their problems. But he’d need to be bulletproof."

Hmmm... dear moonbat - answer this, who suffers more - the children who are targeted for slaughter on a daily basis by Islamofaciest racists from the Arab villages across Israel, Judea, Sumeria and Gaza or those who are fed by the UN, get electricity for free from Israel while having it being paid by Europeans, and while surrounded by armed Jewish soldiers are not being targeted for murder?

Gandhi - and the Palestinians - how far apart both are. Non violent protest to chase away a colonialist empire, vs. genocidal murderers wishing to eliminate the Jewish race starting with their neighbors. Gandhi - begging the Muslims and Hindus to stop rioting and almost dying on a hunger strike, Palestinians - murdering Jews senselessly since the 19th century while REFUSING TO ACCEPT THEIR OWN STATE!

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  1. This is victim thinking.It is the pacifist attitude that one must always root for the underdog, no matter what a cur that underdog might be.

    A cure for victim-lovers with poor judgement: make them live, say for six weeks, with a mean mother battered woman. I worked in a shelter for "victims" of domestic violence and ran into some horrible suffering I wouldn't wish on anyone.

    OTOH, some of the mentally disturbed residents at our facility brought on their own suffering. And I wanted to send a sympathy card to their putative "abuser."

    Scott Adams is a schlemiel.