Thursday, December 20, 2007

Confusion averted

I was trying to think what does "make me a Muslim" remind me of... then I remembered.

Check out on part 3 of 5 at episode 2, around 7:05 into the clip, the village idiots think they are all just singing a fun beer tune - they are actually denouncing Christianity by singing "la illa lalla" (no god but allah). Sounds like a silly la-la-la, but actually - if you have beliefs - you would not be singing that.

In part 2 of episode 3 around the sixth minute, propaganda comes in full throttle. A dude is presented, barely speaks English but is portrayed as the best Englishman around and "wow" - his a Muslim too. See - it's all bigotry - we found our poster boy. Well the cab driver is surely impressed (is he mentally retarded?). A few moments with a poster boy to vindicate a community that Blew Up the Subway two years ago. If anything this should have proven, is how small of a minority of Muslims in Britain are loyal. If anything this type of propaganda crap does prove is that Muslims ARE trying to convert and take over England.

In part 4 of 5 at Ep 3, the Gay dude says this: "I would consider looking into converting to Islam... em ... purely because, why not? If you can live such a peace, tranquil and happy life, then why not? And I haven't been brainwashed." (at about 3:20 into the clip)

Why NOT?! WHY THE F!@#!@# NOT?! Because they'll public execute you for sodomy! Did they forget telling you that? Because they'll kill you if you try to leave their religion. Because their religion justifies so much evil... What an ignorant buffoon.

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