Monday, September 24, 2007

Ahhh Med Mad Dinajad

I understand the intentions of Lee Bollinger and I do respect the University's freedom to make such choices. However I feel Bollinger knew well ahead that this would not be an exchange of ideas, his statement would be disregarded and all in all it would be another stage to let the moonbats of the US fall in love with another brutal thug.

My view - the Iranian clown should not be given entrance to any country - but while given entrance to New York, he should be humiliated and ridiculed wherever he goes. That is what Bollinger did, but not before stirring unnecessary controversy.

Perhaps he should have used visual aids while making his statements - that could have helped. Meanwhile, Ahh Med Mad Med Dinajad gets record ratings and the "Lesbian Jewish Moonbats" are "Falling in Love".... Feh! (Feh=I'm vomiting here Feh...)

Feh2: End result? The moonbats are criticizing Bollinger "questioning and insulting this great man" and the audience is laughing and applauding the new Hitler...

Feh3: I'm not watching this crap. I'm reading about it and it is as disgraceful as I expected. The students who applaud this man are offending far too many people out there - the room should have only be filled with Iranian exiles, we would have seen what kind of cheers he would have gotten then.

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