Friday, June 01, 2007

Insanity in the UK

Just how many "boycotts" are proposed by UK's workers unions? I counted 4:
1. Journalists
2. Academic professors
3. Doctors (still trying to decide)
4. Public servants (still trying to decide)

There is backlash, however it is sometimes more insulting than condemning such boycotts. Take the British Ambassador in Tel Aviv (Not in the capitol - Jerusalem), he said he condemns it, but that such actions are expected were occupation exists. Although this is not the precise quote - it still reveals how far has the public opinion gone in the UK to promote such insanity.

Is it even worth mentioning that the British are not trying to boycott ANYONE ELSE? Really - there aren't any other problems in the world, no human rights violations, slavery and barbarism, no real apartheid(Saudis) - none. Insane Britz on the loose.

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