Friday, May 04, 2007

British Doctors for Jewish Genocide

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If you think you are mislead by my headline, then consider their cause for boycott and what would happen if it would succeed. They protest the fact the Israelis defend themselves against terror and label such attempts as "war crime". The facts will not confuse them because they are blinded by antisemitism. Their end result? To isolate the Israeli medical community and weaken the Jews in Israel to a point of submission.

Such boycott attempts are now recurring theme in all types of British groups, from substitute teachers, to professors, to doctors and journalists. All of this is done in the name of social solidarity with the nation that invented modern day Islamic terror.

Let their own British journalists be kidnapped and murdered in Gaza, they don't care. The true villain in their eyes are those who refuse conversion to Islam and refuse Dhimmi status under repressive regimes. Something smells like rotten skunk cadaver in the kingdom of England.

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