Monday, May 21, 2007

Why Olmert won't end the terror from Gaza

It is very simple to end the barrage of rockets coming out of Gaza. It is as "easy" as it was to reduce the amount of suicide bombing coming out of the west bank. But Olmert won't - and why? Because that would be admitting that deporting Jews out of Gaza was foolish and useless. That would be admitting that he is a complete failure as his party and the entire left wing agenda. Occupation - suppression - and settlement apparently ARE the only answer to terror. The left would like everyone to confuse "right" from "wrong" claiming the left voice is the sane voice. It is the "lefty" think squad that brought the disaster on the region. Even at it's highest - the Intifada of 1987 was not as catastrophic as the current state of affairs.

What have we learned? What should the Israelis have learned? Any retreat - tactical/ strategic/ ideological/ appeasing/ peace brokered - any - is met with terror. Start counting them: 1956 giving back Sinai without a peace treaty, 1986 retreating from Beirut (which led to the Intifada - as the terror gang was allowed to survive and relocate to Tunisia), Oslo I-II and the rest of its sequels. Disengagement, rearrangement and pure derangement. Face the facts - the only thing to have reduced terror was trying to subdue its base - not appease its insane false claims.

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