Friday, November 09, 2007

Israel's own "Abu Ghraib" type reporting

Because daylight slaughter of Jews eating Pizza cannot compare to the "crime" of arresting terrorists...

Click on this crap only if you must:
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Boy those Jewish anti-Semites in Haaretz work hard to spread their propaganda in so many languages at once.

"Objectively" reporting on a "documentary" of the horrors Israeli soldiers supposedly did as if it were facts...

There are 2 allegations of torture while the title makes it sound like one would find about 100! There are about 10 claims that service in army will scar female soldiers for life. Propaganda to demoralize the troops in war, anyone? The director of this documentary proclaims her intentions: to use girls who serve in the army in order to portray her own bad impression of how badly mistreated the Palestinians are and how bad it is for young soldiers. Guess what? It's all whine, whine, whine. "Oh boy, I took revenge", "Oh boy, I washed bodies" - that allegation was flat out denied by an army spokesman who said that the soldier lied that washing bodies was ever a job given to soldiers like her. One "scarred for life witness" refused to be interviewed for this anti Israeli propaganda... Some of the girls are traumatized but at least one is an obvious liar admitting her far left agenda.

Checking on the writer, named "Dalia Karpel" reveals something not so surprising. She is very popular with the ISM - Communists, pro Terror, Anti-Semite, fake "peace activists". Haaretz and Walla are willing propaganda distributes against Jews and against Israel. The Jewish Gables has been found!

If you want to read the type of propaganda she espouses - search her name in Google...
Here's exhibit A, B, and C

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