Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Syria invaded Lebanon - AP, NYTimes and the rest are mute

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Although I hold the utmost respect for Michell Malkin, I rarely consider "hotair.com" to be a source of geopolitic analysis but they got it almost completely correct this time.

Well - Assad wouldn't picture it as a coup - and that's the point they got wrong. He would describe it as an invited intervention to restore "peace" and let the "true people of Lebanon" regain control. That would just mean - same old - same old - for Lebanon; Hezbollah in control with assistance of some Syrian loyalists (or as I would call them: traitors of Lebanon).

With all hopes for a better future for the land of cedar, we have to consider the fact that Christians are fleeing. They have been fleeing for years and they were the only hope for a sane country. The ethnic group which was once the hands down majority could now be accounted for almost less than a third of the population... (are there any real studies on changes in demography in Lebanon or is it now a taboo?)

How depraved are the media moguls to be mute in the face of the impending explosion?

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