Monday, May 14, 2007

Sicko-s from France murder Israeli Arab for racist reasons

But hold the press - is this not terrorism? A few things I can tell to distinguish between this case and the numerous cases of murders and attempts in PA:

1. No terror group stands behind them, no religious leaders behind them, no TV to hail them, no 200 million "anti-Arabs" to encourage, no celebrations anywhere, no excuses of the "they did it to us first" kind. NONE! Go figure - could this really be the "once in 3 years" lone crazy Jew incident?

2. The suspects are in custody and will be prosecuted. The motive is still under investigation and could very well turn out to be criminally related - but let's not defame the murder victim or his family - could be.

You see - in a humane society, not to mention a western one, murderers pay the penalty. Do you hear that Arabs? Murderers pay the penalty! Get human already! Murders do not get to govern a pseudo state, they are not allowed to roam the streets parading their weapons - this only brings chaos and civil war. Case in point - your hell of a home called Gaza strip.

Despite what I wrote above - this whole story smells fishy. I wonder what drives 2 brothers from France to move to Tel-Aviv and murder a man they believe is a Muslim. Aren't there enough of them in France? Who or what pushed them to that. Really fishy. They were walking in the middle of a busy road at 4pm? Immediately confessed? Police assumes racially motivated crime; maybe they were really just insane or was there a pattern of racially charged behavior? If it were racially motivated - how come it is made to sound so spontaneous, aren't such actions planned (like in v-tech)? Worse - if they had intended to murder human beings for being Arabs - why just one and why do their best to get caught the same day? To top it, they murdered the man in their apartment on their sofa and left him there to walk like drunks in the middle of the road the same day.

What really stinks about this whole story is that when a Jew is murdered in Israel - the cause is immediately attributed to criminal intent. Only when the verdict is heard, months later - do the public get to hear that the murderer was an Arab from the PA who deliberately sought to murder a Jew. But here? Stop the press, we found the Jewish Terrorist.

I guess that for the scoop any sensational lying headline would do for How often do they get to print that a Jew murdered an Arab for racially charged motivation in Israel? Why - it's the Pulitzer prize to them - is it not?

Update: Now Ynet are using the occasion to parade a list of Jewish murderers through out the years. I will point out again that the math suggests that there are very few, and the background of each case does not lend much to a broader conspiracy. But really, do Arabs in Israel feel life threatened from Jews or is it just a facade the press would like us to believe?

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