Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Oreilly and CAIR - what gives?

Yesterday Bill Oreilly once again hosted a debate regarding another ACLU and CAIR whining and seething - this time it was the LAPD trying to find extremists in the Muslim communities in LA.

Once again, he invited CAIR's representatives as if it they can be spokespersons for Arabs in America. Never mind their Hamas ties, never mind their un-indicted co conspirators status on HLF, never mind their stance on Terrorism, Sharia as a replacement to US constitution, they still get a pass. He keeps calling them "moderates".

I didn't find a clip from yesterday's shameful pandering, but here are a few previous similar open forums to those terror supporters: Search Results for “oreilly cair”
Look how proud CAIR are to be allowed to distribute their propaganda on Fox News. They publish it all on YouTube:

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