Thursday, October 11, 2007

Turks begging for trouble

They are "infuriated" that US congress decided to label the genocide the Ottoman empire committed upon Armenians as genocide, and called for their ambassador to return for a limited time back home.

They are also threatening to invade Iraq - while US forces are there - to combat the Kurds. Does anyone remember how they chose not to let the US use Turkey as a base for attacks against Saddam Hussein? Great "ally" they turned out to be.

Turkey is apparently bent on choosing to confront the US, this probably has something to do with the fact that radical Muslims are at the helms.

Changing their constitution to revert the equality of women is just a phase in a grander scheme. Turkey has always been an example to the western world that democratic values are compatible with Muslim population. Winds of change?

The Turks seem to cuddle with Bashar Assad and Mahmud Ahmedinajad. They aren't only reverting their political system to resemble Iran - they are aligning themselves with the US's most prominent enemies.

If anything - they should be begging for forgiveness and better relations - but the "proud Muslims" seem to be irrationally devoted to destroying their ties to the west.

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