Monday, September 24, 2007

Questions I would ask Iran's fake leader

While you have acknowledged your financial and military support for the Shea "resistance" in Lebanon known as Hezbollah, and have hosted their leader's family and given them prizes, you are surely aware of statements Nasrallah made regarding collecting all the Jews in Israel so that they can be wiped off at once, shouldn't you and your friends sit in Jail for war crimes given the indiscriminate deliberate bombardment of civilian population during the 2006 war between Iranian Lebanon and Israel?!

How dare you spread your lies here while your little devils are still holding Israeli soldiers hostages, and your own country holds Canadian and American civilian hostage?!

Why should anyone believe you are talking about peace when every two days you are holding military parades calling the US the big Satan and calling for its destruction?

When will your country pay for the bombings in Argentine during the 90-s? For the hostage taking in 1979? For the Beirut bombings in the 80-s?

Isn't it true you are really a powerless puppet to a regime controlled by religious fanatics?

Did you or did you not participate in holding American hostages in 1979?

Do you really believe that a nation threatening Jews with genocide should sit in the UN?

If you are not an anti-Semite, what is an anti-Semite?

How exactly are you different from Hitler?

Who do you think you are fooling? I know who you're fooling. But Dilbert is not relevant and never really was.

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