Wednesday, November 07, 2007

BAGAZ, Mazuz, Bai ki mun, AP, Reuters, Adalla: HATE Jews in Sderot

BAGATZ - that's what the initials of the Israeli Supreme court spells out and reads like in Hebrew. Mazuz - the legal counselor of the Israeli government. Both found common language on debating against cutting or reducing Israel's aid to Gaza in the form of electricity and fuel.

All of the above simply do not care that Gaza keeps bombing Jews in Sderot. The don't care that Jewish residents have their personal safety at peril, their finances at risk, and their electricity frequently cut off by those derelict murderers from Gaza.

Somehow they all believe it is the legal responsibility of the state of Israel to keep the light on in Al-Qaeda's kitchen. The latest headlines in YNet and Walla/Haaretz scream: Israel should explain how cutting off electricity and fuel does not constitute collective punishment. Why try to explain this? Why in the world is it the responsibility of Israel to care for the well being of its enemies? What kind of a backwards world do we live in?

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