Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ron Paul supporter spotted in Ann Arbor

Sorry - forgot to take pictures.

The dude was driving a clunky old car, and had two huge stickers on its back. The first: "Linux... something something bla bla bla" (couldn't focus due the fact the second one practically rendered me blind while driving)... The second: "Ron Paul for president". Both black on white, both seemed like they were home printed.

The dude itself - derelict haircut, unshaved, chubby, mustached, about 50.

I suspected that Ron Paul has captured that demographic. You know - ex-hippy - awakening from a daze of marijuana - probably a virgin - conspiracy theorist - Linux nerd.


  1. Ron Paul in 20085:50 PM


  2. Notice the only comment to your post (before mine) - it's automatically spotting the Ron Paul titles - to push their stupid propaganda. Morons.

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