Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Israeli hit tops China music charts

Sarit Hadad's song, redone in Chinese is smash hit...

To listen to a different Sarit Hadad song, click here.
Israeli hit tops China music charts

A Chinese version to Israeli singer Sarit Hadad's song "In the heat of Tel Aviv" has been sweeping the music charts in China and Hong Kong in the last few weeks and has also become a big hit at dance clubs in the world's most populated country.

Listen to the Chinese cover

Yumiko Cheng, a successful pop singer and actress residing in Hong Kong is one of the most popular stars in the communist state.

Two recent embarrassing and well-documented incidents won Cheng some dubious fame: During one concert her underwear were revealed after another singer on stage pulled down her trousers; and in another concert she accidentally exposed her nipples to both audience and cameras.

When she started working on her latest album, which was released three month ago, her producers were looking for a hit that could get her back to the spotlight on more favorable terms.

They approached several international record companies and asked to receive materials by pop singers from other countries. One of the companies, EMI, sent them "In the heat of Tel Aviv" – one of Hadad's greatest hits.

Live Hebrew Version:

Lyrics, here

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