Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sabich Pita Photo, also comments turned to moderated again...

First I'd like to urge anyone who has something to say - to comment. I will do my best not to block any message unless absolutely necessary.

The idiots are back - and are unwelcome. Sorry.

I opened the blog for free comments in hopes of allowing feedback from whoever wishes to participate. However anonymous idiots are back, putting irrelevant "you made me a Muslim" messages.

Commenting rules: Almost anything goes - what doesn't? Spam, Incomprehensive idiocy such as "you made me a Muslim", Nazi propaganda, "I hate you" in all variations, "You're stupid" in all variations.

For those who wish to send me such messages, go find a better hobby.

To end this post on a positive note, picture of the day:

Sabich: (link to many different Israeli food with photos)
Not so long ago, Jews were Iraq's cultural elite, a full one-third of Baghdad's population, vastly overrepresented in commerce and the arts. Then they were expelled, and made their way to Israel to become this country's culinary elite. Anybody who's eaten falafel is familiar with the Iraqi laffa, a large chewy flatbread, but more obscure, and more delicious, is sabich, a dish either invented or popularized by Iraqi immigrants in Ramat Gan (althought the jury is still out when it comes to the origins of the name). It's true poverty food: a pita dramatically overstuffed with slices of fried eggplant; long-cooked, brown hard-boiled eggs; hummus; cucumber and tomato salad and spicy charif, then topped with amba, the pickled mango sauce adored by Iraqis. A whole rack of lamb wouldn't fill you up as full. For sabich in Jerusalem, there is no better choice than the aptly named Sabichiya on Shammai Street.

Not sure it's the most flattering image to this awesome sandwich, but it's better recognizable than the glamore picture I used from that Jerusalem food website...

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