Sunday, February 22, 2009

Forbes Commentary: The Obama Administration Sacrifices Israel

Will American Jews finally notice what Obama is doing with regards to Israel?

Caroline Glick: Obama's Durban gambit

Durban II drafts: Israel is racist, occupying state

Obama appoints pro-Hamas, Anti-Israel aide to a top intelligence post

A recommended read:
The Obama Administration Sacrifices Israel

The cover-up on Durban II's anti-Semitic agenda
The Obama administration's decision to join the planning of the U.N.'s Durban II "anti-racism" conference has just taken a new twist: cover-up. On Friday, State Department officials and a member of the American Durban II delegation claimed the United States had worked actively to oppose efforts to brand Israel as racist in the committee drafting a Durban II declaration. The trouble is that they didn't.

The Feb. 20 State Department press release says the U.S. delegation in Geneva "outline[d] our concerns with the current outcome document" and in particular "our strong reservations about the direction of the conference, as the draft document singles out Israel for criticism." One member of the delegation told The Washington Post: "The administration is pushing back against efforts to brand Israel as racist in this conference." In fact, tucked away in a Geneva hall with few observers, the U.S. had done just the opposite. The U.S. delegates had made no objection to a new proposal to nail Israel in an anti-racism manifesto that makes no other country-specific claims.


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