Monday, February 09, 2009

UK Jihad and the next wave of Jewish Immigration into Israel

There's no doubt - there's no room for Jews in what was once the UK. Stories like the following probably leave no doubt in the psyche of members of the Jewish communities, the UK will never be the same. Much like France, now in the UK, the large Muslim population is driving the Jews out.

H/T: Weasel Zippers (linked), Jihad Watch
UK: Mob of "Asian Youths" Attack Jewish Girl Chanting "Kill All Jews" and "Death to Jews"....
A Birmingham school is looking into claims by a 12-year-old girl, its only Jewish pupil, that she was terrorised by a mob of 20 youths chanting “Kill all Jews” and “Death to Jews” on her way home from school on Friday.
Eden Simones-Jones and some friends were standing outside a shop at a bus stop on their way home from Moseley College.

She said: “One of my friends said an Asian [South Asian] girl from the year above asked her why she was talking to me because I am Jewish. I asked the girl in a friendly manner if she had a problem with me being Jewish. She said ‘yeah, I do’.

“I managed to punch her before she hit me but then she grabbed me by the hair and swung me around shouting ‘f****** Jews, I hate Jews’.

“But then another Asian girl rounded up a whole gang. They were all in school uniform and they came running towards me shouting ‘death to Jews’ and ‘kill all Jews.’
'Wave of hatred' warning as attacks on Jews hits record high

As British Jews come under attack, the liberal left must not remain silent

British Jews attacked for pro-Gaza solidarity

Diplomat arrested after ‘anti-Semitic rant’

While the stated purpose of the Jihadis is to drive the Jews out of Israel so that they can retrieve their beloved "Dar Al Islam", they are actually driving the Jews into Israel from their stated "Dar Al Harb" - Europe.

It seems that their true goal as stated by Chief Goats Lover Nasrallah, is to concentrate all the Jews in one place so that they could kill them all. That's the Shiite view, that's the Sunni view, Nazism in the Muslim world is a common thread.

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Wake up residents of UK!
Wake up residents of UK!
Wake up residents of UK!
Wake up residents of UK!
Wake up residents of UK!
Wake up JEWISH residents of UK! Proclaiming to be "Anti-Zionists" will not save you. WAKE UP!

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