Friday, February 06, 2009

Ashley Judd: Uber-Moonbat

Yea, she's campaigning against Sarah Connor from terminator Palin, and no one cares, and Saracuda responded, then she responded... and you can read all about it everywhere - or at one of my favorite blogs: Moonbattery

But what I paid attention to - was the amazing photo seen here:

Well moonbat - no, this is what a feminist looks like:

You should wear a shirt like that in public only if you managed to change something in the world. You know, like be a governor, a mayor, a vice presidential candidate - you know, break the glass ceiling. Do something to advance women's rights - not to advance murdering babies - that's not feminism, it's the abduction of the term by today's liberal moonbats.

Another hint - here's what a feminist looks like, agree with her ideology or not:

And in case I didn't make my point clear: The T-Shirt is idiotic:

T-Shirts source: here.

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